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Business and Personal Financial management

Financial Management
Whether you are a sole proprietor business owner, officer or shareholder of a corporation, partner, individual, or you have a family, the accuracy of your underlying financial information and data is crucial to correct tax reporting.

Errors lead to both over-reporting and under-reporting income received and expenses paid. Our team helps you achieve accuracy in your financial records and proper substantiation as required by law.

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Tax Planning

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Our team of tax experts helps you implement tax savings strategies that can maximize your hard-earned dollars and legally minimize your tax liabilities. Whether your planning for business or family growth and development our tax professionals will guide your tax planning path.

Business Income Tax Returns Professional Preparation

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The maze of tax codes, tax regulations and tax laws applicable to business operations are complex.

Whether you are operating a new business entity, have been in business operations for many years, are a small business or a large business the codes, regulations, and laws apply the same.

You can trust the knowledge and expertise of our federally licensed Enrolled Agents and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner counsels to help you understand your responsibilities, achieve accuracy in your financial data, maintain appropriate records for substantiation to meet the requirements of an accurately prepared income tax return for your business entity.

We specialize in business tax returns for Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, S Corporations and C Corporations.

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Individuals Income Tax Returns Professional Preparation

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“Simple” is not a word that applies to any tax requirement. The tax codes, tax regulations, and tax laws are complex.

Misunderstanding of these codes, regulations, and laws leads to substantial errors when individuals self-prepare their income tax returns or use services offered by people who truly don’t specialize in taxation.

Our knowledgeable tax professionals are federally licensed and have over 30 years experience in the tax laws that apply to you.  They help you understand your tax reporting responsibilities, assess your actual eligibility for various credits or deductions and help you achieve an accurately prepared income tax return.

Everyone wants a larger refund!

Everyone wants to pay less taxes!

However, obtaining a larger refund or reducing tax liabilities by inaccurate reporting, claiming the wrong filing status, improperly claiming tax credits or deductions and failing to file an accurate tax return can cost thousands of dollars in refund repayments, accuracy-related penalties and interest the tax authorities will impose on you.

Let our team of tax professionals help you get-it-right!

Have you received a Notice from the IRS or any other tax authority?

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Don’t delay, contact our tax professionals today!

In these circumstances, delays or inadequate responses or improper procedures could compromise your taxpayer rights. 

The tax authorities issue hundreds of different types of notices. Any notice is an urgent matter!

Ignoring any notice can have consequences and compromise your rights to certain procedural opportunities.

When your case is represented by our team of tax controversy experts you can rest peacefully knowing that your rights are protected. Our experts specialize in the complexities of compliance regulations and tax laws that affect individuals, couples, business owners, corporation officers, shareholders, partners and other responsible parties.

We guarantee you will receive expert advisement from our tax professionals regarding your tax circumstances and zealous representation to resolve the tax matters.

We are available for either in-person or online meeting consultations to review your unique tax circumstances and arrange for representation engagement to achieve resolution.

IRS Examination and Audits

Audit Tax Picture” width=640Your business income tax returns or personal income tax returns may be selected for either an examination or an audit procedure at any time during the statute of limitations period. Certain circumstances may also permit the IRS to extend the statute of limitations period.

Many selections for examination or audit are purely random. Other selections for examination or audit are determined by a DIF Score and many other selections for examination or audit are based upon targeted issues.

Regardless how your return was selected for examination or audit, it is in your best interest to exercise your Taxpayer Right To Representation. During the examination, you will be required to fully substantiate income, expenses, credits or deductions claimed by means of appropriate supporting documentation.

Know that what you say or do as well as what you don’t say or don’t do can compromise your taxpayer rights!

Know that the tax authorities have the ability to expand the scope of the examination or audit procedures to other tax matters, tax years or tax periods in certain circumstances!

Tax Facts federally licensed Enrolled Agents and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner counsels are tax professional experts with verifiable qualifications, knowledge and the expertise to properly represent your case before the Internal Revenue Service and protect your taxpayer rights.

IRS Lien, Levy and Collections Actions

Money Lock Picture” width=266
When tax liability debts are not paid, the IRS can apply liens to either your business or personal assets or property in favor of the government collecting payment for the tax debts due.

Liens can significantly impair your business or personal creditworthiness and can prevent the sale of an asset or property.

When tax liability debts are not paid, the IRS can impose a levy to collect the tax debts owed by a variety of methods.

A levy may be imposed upon any bank accounts or other investment accounts in which you are an account holder. This includes accounts to which you are a joint holder or have an interest in. This action requires the bank to transfer your account funds or a portion of those funds to the IRS.

Levy may also be imposed on your wages or salary commonly referred to as a “wages garnishment” or “wages assignment. This action requires your employer to pay the IRS before your employer pays you!

Seizure of assets or property is another method that may be utilized by the IRS to obtain payment for your tax liability debts.

Any of these circumstances are of immediate urgency!

Contact our team of federally licensed Enrolled Agents and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner counsels to implement immediate intervention and resolve your tax controversy!

WARNING:  Individuals and Business Foreign Travelers
Revocation of U.S. Passports 
Renewal Denial of U.S. Passports
Denial of New U.S. Passport ApplicationsPasports” width=640

Do you or you and your spouse jointly owe $50,000. or more to the IRS in unpaid prior year’s tax liabilities?

If you owe the IRS unpaid back taxes, penalties and interest from prior tax years that are in excess of $53,000.00 that is not already subject to a payment or settlement agreement, the IRS has begun implementing procedures affecting individuals with “seriously delinquent tax debts”.

This means that the IRS has the authority to notify the State Department of taxpayers owing delinquent tax debts which requires the State Department to either REVOKE or LIMIT an existing U.S. Passport of the taxpayer(s) or DENY RENEWAL for an existing U.S. Passport of the taxpayer(s) or DENY APPLICATION for a new U.S. Passport of the taxpayer(s).

This is a SERIOUS matter affecting individuals and family’s ability to engage in any foreign travel that requires a U.S. Passport for the purposes of either leaving or reentering the United States.  This is also affecting business travelers similarly expecting to engage in travels outside the U.S.

Contact us IMMEDIATELY if these circumstances apply to you or your spouse!
Share this information if you know a family member, friend, co-worker, employee or professional colleague that is in jeopardy of having their passport revoked, limited or denied!

Waiting until TSA or U.S. Customs won’t let you on the airplane will be too late!
The fact that you have a purchased airline ticket won’t matter!

Our Enrolled Agents are federally licensed Tax Experts that can implement intervention procedures to reverse a certification and restore the active status of your U.S. Passport or Passport application.

Our United States Tax Court Practitioner counsels are admitted to the U.S. Tax Court Bar with the capability to petition your case for litigation under the jurisdiction of Tax Court for passport-related actions erroneously issued or failures to reverse a certification.

IRS Appeals

IRS Bulding 2” width=275
The Internal Revenue Service Office of Appeals is a separate independent organization within the IRS that services as an administrative division to hear tax disagreements.

Within the procedural limitations of the IRS Office of Appeals, they will make attempts to resolve or settle the tax dispute prior to the necessity for either the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service or the taxpayer to file the case to a jurisdictional court.

The Office of Appeals will conduct a hearing review and issue a determination on the tax controversy or collection action.

Tax Facts Enrolled Agents and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner counsels have the knowledge and experience to represent your tax case before the IRS Office of Appeals to settle your tax controversy or collections action case.

U.S. Tax Court litigation

Tax Law” width=185
United States Tax Court is a trial court with jurisdiction to review, determine or redetermine certain types of tax controversy deficiency and collections determination issues that arise between taxpayers and the IRS upon the Commissioner of the IRS issuing a Notice of Deficiency or Notice of Determination to the taxpayer.  These are the “tickets” to Tax Court.

The significant benefit of having your tax case tried in U.S. Tax Court is that the IRS determined tax liability debt does not have to be paid by the taxpayer prior to petitioning the tax controversy case to the court.

District courts and Federal Claims courts also hear various types of tax cases, but the tax liability must first be paid then the taxpayer seeks refund relief by a decision of the court.

Our United States Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP) counsels are admitted to the U.S. Tax Court Bar with full capability to directly represent you and litigate your tax controversy case.

Understand that only State licensed attorneys who are also admitted to the U.S. Tax Court Bar or United States Tax Court Practitioners who are also admitted the U.S. Tax Court Bar can legally petition your case to Tax Court and directly represent you!

This fact is of substantial importance for taxpayers!

A tax professional with the designations as Unenrolled Preparer, a preparer with the former registration designation (RTRP), a preparer with current tax year approval (AFSP), an Enrolled Agent (EA) or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) whom is NOT admitted to the U.S. Tax Court Bar CANNOT directly represent your tax controversy case before the judges of United States Tax Court.

Know that these designated professionals do not possess the qualifications or knowledge necessary of the procedural rules of the court, rules of evidence or rules of ethics to adequately represent a taxpayer before the court.

Know that any advisement received from any of these persons is the unauthorized practice of tax law. They do not possess the recognized knowledge or qualifications to render proper advisement. They do not have the authority under the law to sign a Tax Court Petition because they do not hold an active bar license in good standing with the court.

Any Tax Court Petition prepared and filed to the U.S. Tax Court by these designated professionals will be docketed by the court as a Pro Se case.

This means that YOU are self-representing before the court.  

Contact our United States Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP) counsels to diligently and zealously represent your tax case! 

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The team of Tax Facts U.S. Tax Court Practitioner counsels also dedicate their time and share their knowledge as USTCP instructors in the Tax Facts Tax Professionals Resolution Representation U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Written Examination Study Program that prepares Enrolled Agents (EAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to take the biennial written examination administered by United States Tax Court For Admission To the United States Tax Court Bar.

The Tax Facts Tax Professionals Resolution Representation education program and materials are approved by the Internal Revenue Service for Continuing Professional Education.

Our USTCPs have a passion for helping taxpayers resolve their tax controversy matters and a passion for helping fellow tax professionals advance their tax careers.


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