Financial Management


Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software programs are exceptional tools essential to maintaining the accuracy of business accounting and financial management records.

The robust accounting functions in the various Intuit QuickBooks versions can meet the needs of nearly any business size or type. The Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software programs also feature a vast array of financial reports and statements to help you, the busy business owner, and your department’s staff stay informed about the financial performance of your business.

Our Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors are specialized professionals that annually complete extensive QuickBooks software education and testing on the various software versions, so you’re assured that you are working with the most knowledgeable experts in the industry!

The Tax Facts team of Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors work directly with you and your staff to customize the Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software program to meet your specific business type, your specific tax reporting needs and your preferred internal financial reports that also conform to U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

We work directly with you and your staff to establish financial management procedures to maintain proper financial books and record keeping practices as well as develop solutions that improve performance, transparency, profitability and cash flow.

The accuracy of your business financial data is imperative to proper tax reporting and income tax returns filing.

If the financial information in your Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software is not accurate, then your business income tax returns that are prepared and filed based upon the transactions in the data file and reports generated for the tax professional will not be accurate either.    Don’t leave your business financial records to CHANCE!

If your business is already operating on the Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software, then consider scheduling an AUDIT REVIEW. This is “PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE” for your business internal financial records!

During this comprehensive analysis, our Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors and Enrolled Agent tax professionals combine our specialized expertise to review the sufficiency of the internal financial records, supporting statements, documents, and other internal records.

Are your business’s various sources of income properly recorded for accurate income tax reporting?

Are processing errors causing you to over-report your business income and subsequently over-pay taxes?

Are processing errors causing you to inflate your business expenses and subsequently under-pay taxes?

Are your business’s assets and other equity items properly recorded in the Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software?

How about those expenses? Are they properly classified?

Do all expenses meet the mandatory criteria of the tax laws as Ordinary and Necessary Business Expenses?

Are there potentially some classified inaccurately?

Do you have employees or independent contractors?

Are those workers properly classified?

How are you recording and reporting payroll?

Are the payroll taxes accurately and timely paid?

Are the business officers or shareholders taking adequate wages and salary as required by tax law?

What about those “loans to officers” or “distributions”?

Would the loans or distributions actually qualify for this treatment if reviewed by the IRS?

What about your business’s other liabilities are they accurately recorded?

What about your supporting and substantiating records for each item of income, expenses, payroll etc.?

Could you even find all supporting documents for every transaction?

If the IRS initiated an examination or audit of your business’s tax reporting what would they find?

If the IRS initiated a review of your Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software what would they find?

What accuracy-related penalties could you as the business owner be liable for?

Have you been relying on advisement, in the past, from a person that truly may not be a tax expert with qualifications adequate to justify reliance?


The majority of business owners are not purposefully trying to do wrongful acts. However, even accidental errors in the business financial data and substantiating documents could lead to significant errors in the filed business income tax returns. This can spell DISASTER in circumstances of an IRS or other tax authority’s examination or audit.

Our Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisors and Enrolled Agent tax professionals help you determine if any issues exist, methods to remedy those issues, process improvement measures, and determinations if prior income tax returns filed should be amended to correct any inaccuracies that may be discovered.

When your Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software data file and your supporting records and substantiating documents are “Cleaned-Up”, then we recommend only quarterly or bi-annual “Audit-Review” to ensure your financial records remain in accurate shape leading to a proper and accurate business income tax return filing.

Remember, it is always better to file an amendment to correct any errors of reporting.  This will minimize penalties that may apply.  However, if the IRS initiates an examination or audit procedure the options for corrective measures are not as readily available and accuracy-related penalties can apply to the errors.

If you are new to business or just new to the Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software programs, then consider our START RIGHT PROGRAM.  You benefit from the same comprehensive service and expert knowledge of our Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software Pro Advisors and Enrolled Agent tax professionals team!

They help you and your staff customize your QuickBooks data file to meet the specific needs of your unique business. They can provide additional training, guidance and support plans to help guide your path in the early months of your business operations and are available to you for professional tax advisement, tax planning, and professional business income tax returns preparation based upon your accurate financial records and reports.

Once you’re on your feet and ready to soar, our team remains by your side.  We recommend quarterly or bi-annual Audit Review to ensure your Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software data remains in tip-top accurate shape.  This “Preventative Medicine” will help you and your growing business achieve:

Accurate Reporting

Accounts Receivables for Sales Invoicing and Statements

Accounts Payables for Bills and Expense Payments

Checking and/or Savings Accounts Maintenance and Reconciliation

Inventory Control and Maintenance

Fixed Assets Values Assessment and Maintenance


Profit Analysis Reporting

Payroll Processing and Tax Compliance

Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis, budgeting and financial management reports enable you to immediately review and evaluate the success of your business profitability to achieve financial growth. These crucial processes enable you to maximize company profits or adequately plan for deficiencies.

Compliance Strategies

Focus on process improvements to increase profits within your business. Often this means decreasing costs and streamlining systems. We assist you with review and development of efficient and cost-effective procedures.

Performance Projections

Proper financial evaluation facilitates the development of future performance projections as well as estimating future potential financing needs. These typically represent future potential revenue sources or hypothetical transactions for future financial performance. Financial performance projections as well as budgets assist businesses to make appropriate decisions.


Adequate budgeting for the future and costs or increases in costs strategies are evaluated that can enhance your businesses sustainability through the coming years.

For more information on the Tax Facts Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software Audit Review or Start Right Programs,  please contact us, and one of our Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors will be in touch shortly to arrange convenient scheduling for you.